I changed this to something relevant, since I noticed 10 people went to it and it said nothing of value.  It still doesn’t… but since you’re here, my blog was intended to be humorous, or at least amusing.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t… but hopefully, it will be interesting enough to keep you reading, make you think, and/or make you respond.  I’m not creating high art here, that’s for sure… just thoughts for everyday, down-to-earth people.


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  1. Corey White on


    I stumbled on your blog while perusing ‘Linked In’ for people I knew. There is some very entertaining and thought provoking reading here! Most of all, it seems to be a true reflection of the guy I’ve known for most of my adult life – this is very well done and genuine.


    • kdyancy on

      Corey — I can’t tell you how good it is to hear from you. Thanks for reading a few of my posts… I enjoy writing them, though I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like. There are very few things in life that are better than hearing from an old friend, and you have been my friend since we were 15 years old. I’ll contact you — we need to catch up!

  2. Leonard G on

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Genuine blogger award, and a Sunshine award. I’ve just started following your blog, but I really appreciate the smiles it generates!

    • kdyancy on

      Thank you very, very much.

      Sometimes, you get an uplifting message that reaches you at precisely the right time — when you’re down and need a lift. Your message was exactly that. Just knowing someone felt strongly enough to nominate my blog for anything is a reward in itself, and I’m very glad that you enjoy it.

      Thanks again… your note inspires me to keep writing.

  3. Raunak on

    Great blog! I love the simplicity of the posts…look forward to reading many more 🙂

    • kdyancy on

      Thanks! Enjoying reading your posts also. Especially liked the one about those who over-schedule themselves… look forward to reading through your posts. Blogging is a great way to discover new voices, and I’m glad I’ve found yours.

      • Raunak on

        Thanks…am glad our paths crossed.

  4. Sharon Sheretko on

    Hi Keith! Remember me? Your little writer back in the day at bbdo? I have stumbled across your blog and enjoyed reading some of your posts. I love the Donuts with Dad story! Your work is really great. Keep up the great writing work!!! Sharon Sheretko

    • kdyancy on

      Hi Sharon! Hope you’re doing well! Thanks for reading a few of my posts. I’ve not written much lately, so I need to get back to writing… I know you’ve written a book — congratulations! Let me know what you’re up to!

  5. shalfarley on

    Hello Keith, I was wondering if I could make a derivative work from your photo of a podium (On the eighth day, God made a politician. Posted February 16, 2013). It would be for non-commercial use as an illustration to a blog post about Yahoo Groups. I am not employed by Yahoo, nor are the blog’s owners — we’re users protesting some of the recent changes.

    • kdyancy on

      I have no problem with your using it… but I seem to recall that it was a free “public domain” photo. In other words, I can’t quite recall for sure the source at the moment. Have you looked in the creative commons website for a podium image? Don’t get me wrong — I want to help you, just don’t want you to run afoul of any license/usage issues. Creative commons website has a fairly robust image gallery that may help you more safely. In the meantime, I’ll try to go back and determine from where I got that image — it’s been awhile, and I’m going to need a day or so. Let me know if this helps you, as I don’t want to leave you hanging.

      • shalfarley on

        Ok, thanks Keith!

      • shalfarley on

        Nevermind on the search, one of the other bloggers made me a cartoon. Thanks again!

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